FAQ For Packing & Shipment

2021/07/21 14:31

1.What are the package of your products?

Considering long-distance transportation from our factory to destination, and sometimes loading & unloading many times. We use strong safe package, such as resistance carton & bags, if LCL shipment, must be pallets & cases.


2.How many tons you load in one full container?

We usually load 25-27 tons one whole 20ft container, sometimes, customers have their limit of the weight, before an order, it’s better to calculate the weight allowed to load in a container and then we see adjust the quantity to load. By doing this, we can save sea freight for customers effectively.


3. Can you provide wooden fumigation pallets or wooden boxes?

We use formal plywood pallets & cases, we worked with the supplier of package specially exportation.  


Can you accept labels with the customer information in the visible part of the outer package?

Each small or large package with stickers like item name, quantity, weight etc. If no special requirements, we usually print labels, sticking on the cartons or cases. Sometimes, customer wants the package with information printed, we will talk with our package supplier about that. 


Can you provide Certificate of Origin? Or invoices certified by Embassies?

We have been already recorded and registered in the Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the Embassy, so we are qualified to issue certificates of origin and invoices for different countries. 


What is the nearest port by sea or air?

The nearest port is Tianjin by sea, and the nearest port by air is Beijing.

We can talk when customers want to use different ports, like Shanghai, Qingdao.