FAQ For Price

2021/07/21 14:32

How long is the price validity?

Generally, we can keep our price same within 3 to 5 months because we know lots of quotation revolved to tenders & bids, clients need long time to have feedback. However, under the present situation, material cost so unstable, repeat attacked by virus, sea freight increased in so large range, we also want our price are competitive, so valid will be only 10 days to 15 days.


Can we get discount if large quantity?

Yes, we’ll consider discount when customers buy products in large quantity, especially our advantaged products.


When customers show the target price or price from other suppliers, can you agree that?

We are happy when clients give us their advises about the buying price, that means, customers have interested to our company and products, and may in some way, also have trust on us. In this way, it’s no doubt to carefully check target price from customers, listen their requirements of quality. Give the best solutions.