100m Span Preformed Guy Grip for ADSS

A.The 100M span guy grip has high strength and can grip firmly. The grip strength of the clamp is not more than 95% CUTS (calculated breaking force of stranded wire). 

B.The stress distribution of the guy grip clamp to the stranded wire is even, without damaging the stranded wire, which improves the anti-vibration ability of the stranded wire and greatly extends the service life of the wire. 

C.Simple installation for easy construction. construction time be shorten a lot, without any special tools, one person can complete the operation. 

D.The installation quality of the guy grip clamp is easy to guarantee, and the inspection can be carried out with sight without special training.

E.Good corrosion resistance, use high-quality materials. The material is exactly the same as the wire, ensuring that the wire clamp has strong resistance to chemical corrosion.

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Product Details

1.The 100M span ADSS guy grip is used for the installation of ADSS cable. 

2.The structure of the 100M span ADSS guy grip is simple, has sandy cover, excellent tensile properties, good resistance to oxidation and corrosive agents.

Using tips:

1.Due to the special structure of guy grip, only be used once after being stressed, and cannot be reused. 

2.The specification and model of the guy grip must be provided when an inquiry. 

3.It is not allowed to overlap on the guy grip, but it is allowed to overlap the conductors& cables.

4.The lay direction between the guy grip and the conductor & cables should be consistent. In general, we do right-hand direction mostly,  if you need left-handed guy grip, please be kindly inform in advance and we customize. 

100m Span Preformed Guy Grip for ADSS


Model No.

Suitable for ADSS cable range(mm)


ANJ 0950



ANJ 1050



ANJ 1160



ANJ 1280



ANJ 1410



ANJ 1560



ANJ 1700


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